Our enoteca is situated in the historic heart of the city, near the cathedral and the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, in Via Cardinale Federico n. 7, a historic and quiet street that links Via Torino – a shopping street – to Piazza S. Sepolcro. Enoteca Iemmallo was established as a family-run firm in 1981 following the idea of Nicola, the father, a famous and experienced representative who had been working in the wine sector for a very long time. Alessandro Iemmallo, oenologist who got his diploma in Alba in 1981, runs this wine cellar with his sister Marina Iemmallo, a sommelier, and some collaborators. They work with passion and dedication.

Enoteca Iemmallo’s business is based both on specialized retailing and wholesaling. It has the sole right of import to Italy of wines and liqueurs from different European and world countries. These wines and liqueurs are selected with great competence and professionalism. The continuous pursuit of products that stir up emotions and let us know the territory and the history they belong to is Enoteca Iemmallo’s constant target: this in order to propose to its customers new products that are always stimulating. That is why, when you enter our elegant and welcoming shop, you will find a huge selection of wines, liqueurs, sparkling wines and champagnes: more than 3500 prestigious labels of large and small Italian and international companies.

During Christmas time Enoteca Iemmallo creates a rich catalogue with various and original gift wrapping of oenogastronomical products in order to meet the most refined tastes of its customers. We offer a very careful shipping service to whatever destination.

Enoteca Iemmallo can meet the various needs of its customers thanks to its solid logistic organization: Enoteca Iemmallo can boast a large and furnished thermal-insulated store with almost 100.000 bottles where the goods are prepared and shipped, with special care for the wrapping and packing. The packing is always suitable to the different kinds of transport.


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