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User registration

We could ask the user the registration and transmission of determined registration data to access our Website services and resources or parts of it (described as follows). An essential condition to use this Website, its services and its contents is that all the registration data must be true, updated and complete. You agree to communicate immediately to Enoteca Iemmallo any change in the registration data. You must write to Enoteca Iemmallo address or E-mail address, which has been added to the Website – and conditions - for this purpose. If Enoteca Iemmallo thinks that the data are not true, updated or complete, or if Enoteca Iemmallo thinks that such a measure is justified for whatever reason, it can deny the user the access to the Website and/or any resource, service and content that are part of it; it can also withdraw or interrupt the existing customer profile. If the user accesses this Website or parts of it via a login, at the end of the session the user agrees to use the logoff option thus giving his/her account, if Enoteca Iemmallo provides a logoff, an exit or similar options. Enoteca Iemmallo has the right to logoff the users whose account, after the login, has not shown any movement for a long time.


Password and account data

The user is responsible for the confidential nature of his/her password, of the account number and other possible data and for all the activities done via the user’s account. Every possible unauthorized use of the user’s account or other safety infractions must be communicated immediately to Enoteca Iemmallo. Your registration and your subscription are strictly personal and you are not authorized to communicate to other people your account, ID and password; you cannot let other people use them.

Changes in the Website and in these conditions

Enoteca Iemmallo and/or the provider can implement in any moment, with or without prior notice, changes or improvements in the products, support, services, prices and/or other Website contents (among these there are the current conditions). Enoteca Iemmallo can inform about changes in current conditions (or in other Website contents) by means of this Website or other communication media. The users connecting to this Website after the changes have been published in it or otherwise communicated, are bound to these changes or to the new conditions since their notice via this Website or other media. The user is bound even if he/she did not see the page in which the changes or new conditions have been published. Thus we recommend to check regularly the Website and the current conditions.

Permitted and forbidden use of this Website

Enoteca Iemmallo gives the User a limited authorization to access this Website and its contents and use them personally and not for commercial purposes. This Website and its contents can be used as a support and communication resource as it is stated in this Website. The user must respect the copyright (where it exists) of the Website contents. It is prohibited any other use of this Website, including the use for other purposes than the mentioned ones. It is prohibited to modify, distribute, transmit and download this Website (except for the page-caching). The republishing and the reverse engineering are prohibited too. All the above-mentioned activities are prohibited without the prior written permission by Enoteca Iemmallo (if this prohibition is not excluded by the enforceable laws). The permission to use the Website does not include the authorization to sell, to use for commercial purposes or to diffuse the Website contents, to collect and use whatever description, price, support and service listing. The permission to use the Website does not include the derivative use of this Website and its contents (framing included), the downloading and duplication of the customer information to other shops’ advantage, whatever use of data mining, robots or similar tools to collect and extract data, every use of the Website contents in another Website, server or computer environment connected to the Internet or any Website contents use that suggests a link to the products, the support or the services of Enoteca Iemmallo or associated firm, if that is not explicitly stated in a written permission between the parties. The User cannot use this Website and its services in a way that infringes these conditions or whatever enforceable law. The User cannot use this Website in a way that provokes or can provoke a damage, an interruption or a limitation to this Website and its contents. The User is not allowed to try to access without authorization whatever part of this Website, other users’ accounts, networks or computer systems connected to this Website, this by any means – hacking, password mining or other means. The User is not allowed to try to collect personal information about a third party via this Website.

Contents copyright

Enoteca Iemmallo does not transmit any right relating to whatever content of the Website downloaded and used by the customer. The Website contents, including their selection and layout, is property of Enoteca Iemmallo or its associated firm and/or their contents and technology provider. The Website contents are protected by various laws, including the copyright. The authorization limited to the use of the Website contents – for the above-mentioned purposes – is explicitly linked to the acknowledgement, respect and protection by the User of every copyright note, registered trademark or other protective rights of the Website contents. The User also recognises every protective right – or any other right – of the associated firms and /or the contents provider. The User recognises the intellectual property of the Enoteca Iemmallo Website contents. The user does not get any property right as for the E-mail address, the URL or other ID assigned to him/her or chosen by him/her to access this Website services. The limited rights of the user concerning the use of these addresses/ID remain valid until his/her registration or his/her profile are valid to access this Website and its services. When the validity expires, Enoteca Iemmallo, for whatever reason, will use the address/ID at its discretion and assign them to another customer. The unauthorized use and copy of this Website contents or a use contrary to these provisions may infringe the copyright, the registered trademarks or other protective rights or may infringe civil and penal laws. The User is not allowed to use any Website content – or any content available via this Website – in a way that can infringe the copyright, the trademarks or other protective rights. Enoteca Iemmallo reserves every right against this unauthorized use or against the infringement of these conditions.

Registered trademarks

'Enoteca Iemmallo' is a registered trademark of Enoteca Iemmallo, Italy. Every trademark, logo, Internet address, product name, model name and derived products name included in the Website contents (see the following “Enoteca Iemmallo” brands) describing products, support or services of Enoteca Iemmallo or its associated firms or containing the name “Enoteca Iemmallo” is a registered trademark and/or property of Enoteca Iemmallo or its associated firms. Every list containing registered trademarks of Enoteca Iemmallo – or other firms – published in this Website is regularly updated but it cannot be considered a full list of the registered trademarks of Enoteca Iemmallo or other firms. It is strictly prohibited to use or modify the Enoteca Iemmallo trademarks, unless the company gives the explicit authorization by written permission. Other product or company names in this Website may be registered trademarks of the respective owners.


No guarantee – the Website contents and services

Every content and every service in this Website are at the customer’s disposal “as they are” and “available”. Furthermore, Enoteca Iemmallo excludes – to the maximum extent permitted by the current laws – whatever guarantee and insurance of any kind (“guarantees”), both explicit guarantees and implicit guarantees about the Website contents and services, including negotiability guarantees, guarantees of satisfying quality, of suitability to a determined purpose and about the non-infringement of a third party intellectual property.


Transactions with a third party

If a User can execute via this Website a transaction with a third party that are not Enoteca Iemmallo or its associated firms, these transactions must be considered operations between the User and the third party (with every right and every duty concerning these transactions).


Exemption from liability as for the Website contents

Enoteca Iemmallo, its associated firms and the remaining people participating in the development, production, hosting and Website contents supply are not liable for direct, indirect, concrete, temporary, subsequent damages; for damages requiring a compensation, including a data loss, a lost profit, an activity interruption or a subsequent waste of time; or for whatever damage (including damages derived by negligence or other infractions) provoked by the Website contents use or by the inability to use them. Enoteca Iemmallo, its associated firms and the remaining people participating in the Website development are not liable even if Enoteca Iemmallo or one of its representatives have been informed about the possibility of these damages. The normative law may not permit the above-mentioned exemptions from liability in all cases. The exemptions from liability listed in this paragraph are enforced to the maximum extent permitted by the normative law. None of these conditions’ definitions can be interpreted as exemption from liability of Enoteca Iemmallo or its associated firms in case of death or damage to people provoked by negligence of Enoteca Iemmallo or its associated firms.